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Nothing Grows in Texas

Children, are you sitting comfortably? Let us begin. This is a video of Australian post-punk group The Sacred Cowboys, in 1984. The self-titled debut album is better than this very silly single suggests. I sent Alex some tracks  from it, … Continue reading

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Your Hair’s So Wild!

‘Sup, jerks. I’m here, a little leaner and a little meaner for the New Year. I’m posting a video for you of some REAL rock’n’roll from back in the day: I don’t know what the rest of you red-blooded adolescent … Continue reading

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Love to see this act… Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill – start watching at about the two minute mark. This is kinda an Xmas gift for Janet – if you like trad you might look them up. S.  

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Do you guys know Nardwuar the Human Serviette? I’ve been a fan of his interviews for years, but I’ve only seen them in print until recently. He has a long running gig on Canada’s Much Music and, I think, other … Continue reading

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Someone needs to post something…

And since I’m at the computer and on the Internet, figured I’d post something. This will never get old;

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Nobody knows how much I love you, Su Tissue…

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football done properly

11 J-League professionals versus a team of small schoolchildren. But there are a hundred of them.

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This is just bound to regain Mack’s respect

or if that doesn’t work…

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