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MRR on me

Sixteen years after it was released, MaximumRocknRoll just reviewed my old band’s 10″ EP. Well, it was a re-issue and I never sent it to them the first time, so I can understand the delay. Anyway, tooting my own horn, … Continue reading

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I’m bored. Entertain me.

Well, I mean, help me out, please. I was just kind of channeling Johnny Rotten, there. And really, this is to help me to entertain myself. Oh, wait. First some good news. Asshole colleague #2 has moved to Singapore! Yessss!! … Continue reading

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Moe shills for the Tea Party

Sad, really. Not so much that she is aligning herself with the Tea Party, but that she is spouting off a bunch of ignorant crap about Socialism.

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