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That time Punk Planet was on Gilmore Girls

I’ve been watching Gilmore Girls now that it’s on Netflix and was pleasantly fucking surprised at seeing an old friend make an appearance. xo.

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You All Should Do This

  In other news, I met Janet and Miranda in real life. They both rule. They also add to my theory  that we womenz on here are way too good-looking for the dudes. Oh yeah, I got arrested on the … Continue reading

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maybe moving to PNG

We might be moving to Papua New Guinea. My wife had a promising interview for a 2- or 3-year position as an advisor. We think she’s going to get the job but are waiting for definite confirmation from the powers … Continue reading

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Since I’m spamming the shit out of every avenue of the Internet that I know, I figure I might bring it up here too – My fiancee and I are walking to raise awareness for Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis (her … Continue reading

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Stuff I’ve Received so Far!

K was the first person I got a  package from and it came with the awesome My Life is Great DVD. Then came Steeeeve with the awesome Halfway Round the World mix which actually helped me finish my tedious Journalism … Continue reading

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Move In Day

I’m now officially a college student. Not exactly a starving student though, because my school forces freshmen students to live off meal plan food. Which isn’t that bad at all, except its so expensive. Seriously,like $1000? For food?! . Ehh, … Continue reading

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