Do you guys know Nardwuar the Human Serviette? I’ve been a fan of his interviews for years, but I’ve only seen them in print until recently. He has a long running gig on Canada’s Much Music and, I think, other places as well. I recently picked up a DVD with lots of his interviews in it. I still like his interviews, but he seems to be much more of a caricature on the screen. Here he is in a recent interview with Steel Panther (pulled at random), but his interviews with the more up-tight rock stars are the best.

Anyway, I’ve been watching hours of him lately and it’s warping my brain, as well as how I’m interacting with people.

He also has a band and I’m really fond of this song of theirs:

That’s all.

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1 Response to Nardwuar

  1. Costa says:

    His interviews with people who seriously don’t get it are usually the best. I used to read his interviews that were in RAZORCAKE back when I was writing for them (and got it for free), always a fun time.

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