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Somebody please kill Lou Reed.

Or at least shoot him up with some smack and doll him up like a tranny so he can make one last decent album. This latest thing is just too utterly horrible… More steaming a pile of shit than that … Continue reading

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You All Should Do This

  In other news, I met Janet and Miranda in real life. They both rule. They also add to my theory  that we womenz on here are way too good-looking for the dudes. Oh yeah, I got arrested on the … Continue reading

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So, stuff about Lae, Papua New Guinea. There was unrest here about two weeks ago and a State of Emergency was declared. We left and went to Kokopo. Actually we were doing this anyway, so it was pretty good timing. … Continue reading

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hey steve or r john

If either of you promises to wear these everyday, I will buy them for you.

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Breaking Ground On The New Me

Edited to protect the guilty.

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