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You should check it out

Anne Elizabeth Moore’s blog, which is down there on the right side of the page. I hadn’t read it for a while, and then I took a look at the last essay she posted from Cambodia, and it is awesome. … Continue reading

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Steve Ignorant, Crass and the history of pre-punk

Yesterday I interviewed Steve Ignorant, formerly of Crass and Conflict. The interview lasted a little over an hour. The interview was carried on and Jason, the co-operator of RPR, put together a downloadable version (complete with a few Crass … Continue reading

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Moe shills for the Tea Party

Sad, really. Not so much that she is aligning herself with the Tea Party, but that she is spouting off a bunch of ignorant crap about Socialism.

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I watch this and feel bad for her. Wait. Never mind.

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Hi how’s it going? Highlights of my trip to Fiji: dived with big bull and nurse sharks (3m+) saw spinner dolphins jumping drank a lot of duty free single malt. Caol Isla = awesome. saw friends in Suva, partied Kinda … Continue reading

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Right Speak Tutor

The results of some extensive field research…. “I’m just trying to find some common ground / consensus / understanding on this issue.” From context alone, this appears to me to be be part of some kind of mating ritual. It … Continue reading

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anybody watching the televised health care debates?

Yeah, me neither. In other news, Alexander Haig is still dead.

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Howard Zinn, NOOOOOOO!!!!

I actually new Howard Zinn fairly well. He was such a great fucking guy. Brilliantly smart, great politics, and genuinely caring individual. There aren’t many like him. Howard, my man, I’m going to miss you.

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