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The Thirteen Stevic Rules of the Earth

OK, I’m gonna get all comparative ethics on you… Daisy posted Anton LaVey’s Satanic Rules of the Earth up on her own site a while back and I commented that I liked them all right, but thought I could do better. … Continue reading

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Ted Kennedy, noooo!

[I posted this originally over at the ol’ ghost town, but thought I’d post it over here as well] I met Sen.Kennedy once in an airport during the Clinton years. He was traveling without any entourage. I accosted him with … Continue reading

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this is surprisingly hot

I ordered dinner from the new Korean place in the neighborhood. This turned out to be spicier than I thought it’d be.  Sliced pork ramen, with some fried shrimp dumplings on the side.  I mean I knew the kimchi they … Continue reading

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green day fade away?

I seem to recall that Daisy posted something back on the ol’ boards about being excited about the new Green Day album. But since it’s release I haven’t heard anybody talking about it — either negatively or positively. I … Continue reading

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Move In Day

I’m now officially a college student. Not exactly a starving student though, because my school forces freshmen students to live off meal plan food. Which isn’t that bad at all, except its so expensive. Seriously,like $1000? For food?! . Ehh, … Continue reading

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Ram It!

c 1985. This takes a while to start, but is totally worth it.

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how bout dem bears? sports bets? recipes? product recommendations? “what are you listening to right now?” i’ll start: wish i was listening to stewart- by dead milkmen back to your regularly scheduled programing.

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republicans are brilliant

This past week or so has confirmed my belief that, as despicable as they are, Republicans are also brilliant. Brilliant in the ways the Democrats continually fail to be, namely by being brilliantly ruthless in their political strategizing. The Republicans … Continue reading

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