pithy poetic ponderings

i can’t decide if my poetic output has lessened since moving here because:

I’ve lost interest in writing them
lack of stimuli
I’ve said everything i want/need to say and hate repeating myself

Whenever i write them, they increasingly never turn out how i’d intended and despite the fact that i have the vocabulary to write excellent poems, i just can’t get the words to work for me- all they do is work against me. which is similar to why i gave up painting a long time ago. i’m a fickle motherfucker, with a short attention span who gives up too quickly, and is always looking for something new and shiny- and i really hate that about myself. i hate the easy path, but i also hate the hard path….

About Steevo

40 male takoma park, md https://twitter.com/exsk8pnk
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