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Board Killer – Word About Dragons

Let it here be known that there are two distinct types of the creature known as the Dragon. Firstly, there are the fire-breathing creatures of large size, evil nature and malevolent visage. They resemble large winged lizards and can fly … Continue reading

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J’attendrai le suivant

Have any of you seen this? I stumbled upon it flipping through channels. It left me feeling extremely depressed. What a great way to start the week.

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radio friendly song

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your daily amusement

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I’m sad that Alex’s photoblog has vanished into cyberheaven.

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R.I.P. Mary

Not punk (but f— you if that matters). I think my mother was secretly trying to indoctrinate me into post-beat, hepcat, civil-rights/anti-war/pro-union pinko-ism with Peter, Paul and Mary records before I could even sit up in my crib. Dad would … Continue reading

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Firefighters were tougher back then

Nantwich is a small market town in the north of England. This is from their tourist information leaflet “The best recorded disaster is the Great Fire of 1583 which, encouraged by constant winds, lasted for 20 days and destroyed most … Continue reading

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I’m sort of excited

A few weeks ago I finally started publicly talking about my latest project, writing my own comic book, and I’m currently going through the post-writing steps as I get to the last half of the workable script (art, lettering, printing … Continue reading

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