Ya know, life here can be vexing. our methods of communication are always changing, overlapping, and yet, there’s still this sense of disconnect.

Everywhere I go, i see people fiddling with various electronic gadgetry- whether it’s laptops, hand held video game devices, cellphones, tweeting about nothing (i’m guilty of this one my self) aimlessly, narcissistically  shouting into the void of cyberspace: FOR GODS SAKE, NOTICE ME! I’m here, i matter.

When on the grand scale of things, we don’t. None of us do, really. We’re all just minor specks on the windscreen.

Our time on Earth is incredibly finite (I know, that’s not any sort of revelation), but what we do with our time, is what matters.

Where are we spending our money?

Who are we spending our free time with?

What causes are we willing to fight (or volunteer our time) for?

Are you spending all your free time- time away from your place of employment thinking about what “co-worker ‘x’ said and/or did? I really, really hope not.

Your time is valuable, your thoughts, are valuable.

You know why you’re valuable?

Because, regardless of whatever hardships, strife and/or battles you’ve faced- you persevered and you’re still here, continuing on with your life. And for that, I salute you, and thank you, because, somewhere, although you may be unaware of it, someone out there, is thinking of you, and hopefully, they’re smiling.

About Steevo

40 male takoma park, md
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