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That time Punk Planet was on Gilmore Girls

I’ve been watching Gilmore Girls now that it’s on Netflix and was pleasantly fucking surprised at seeing an old friend make an appearance. xo.

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Dammit, you won’t say it, so I will

Dick Clark, NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! What to say? He knew Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochrane, didn’t he? I stand by my earlier comments on Don Cornelius – Dick Clark had his own thing going, but sometimes, it was a pretty good thing. … Continue reading

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TV / DVD round-up

We can’t go anywhere in the evenings, so TV and DVDs have fast become a major family pastime. Recent stuff on the menu: 4 studio Ghibli films. I like this work, especially Totoro, Ponyo and Spirited Away. (I thought Castle … Continue reading

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Perhaps I spoke too soon about matt smith and doctor who last year

It’s a new year and a new season of Doctor Who coming up pretty soon I guess. Thought back on my optimistic review of the first few episodes of the last season – “it’s better! the writing is less epic! … Continue reading

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Matt Smith as Doctor Who: Doesn’t suck so far

After three episodes, I have readily accepted that Matt Smith is Doctor Who. I was worried he was going to play the role as a kind of namby-pants Gen Y woofter, but in fact he carries the whole thing off … Continue reading

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Frankly I’m appauled by how bad Doctor Who has gotten

Just been watching series 4 and the 2009-10 soecials and peeeeeew, is there some stinky stuff in there. Still some good episodes early on, but the whole thing is turning into a giant soap opera and the final quarter of … Continue reading

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That Old English Humour

Changing the sign around at the start of every episode? Comic gold.

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It’s a lazy Sunday and my girlfriend and I are just sitting around relaxing. We went and ran some errands, did the dishes, picked up some supplies, and now I’m watching Mythbusters on TV with no pants on. Probably the … Continue reading

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