Your Hair’s So Wild!

‘Sup, jerks. I’m here, a little leaner and a little meaner for the New Year. I’m posting a video for you of some REAL rock’n’roll from back in the day:

I don’t know what the rest of you red-blooded adolescent males were doing in 1984, but if it didn’t include skipping merrily around your room in synch with this video, then you either 1.) were not white; or 2.) lacked your own pink Stratocaster; or perhaps 3.) were just tone-deaf to the pure ROCK!!

P.S. This guy used to jam with Klaus Flouride! So FUCK YOU, nerds!

P.P.S. Hey Henry Rollins: Did YOU rock with Billy Squier? Didn’t think so. NEXT!

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4 Responses to Your Hair’s So Wild!

  1. k- says:

    God damn it Todd!!!
    I had successfully expunged Billy Squier completely from my mind. But since you fired the opening Squier salvo, I can only respond with “The Stroke”:

    • jollyseitan says:

      YES!! “The Stroke” was the very first 45 I ever bought. Got it from Kmart! True story. I rocked the shit out of that record.

      Well, you asked for it, K-Man. I will leave you “In the Dark,” since Billy will have blown out all the power with his thunderous ROCK!! music!

      Not until Ronnie James Dio’s “Rainbow in the Dark” would we hear such awesome keyboards again!

      P.S. FAT DRUMMER!!

  2. Steve says:

    They would have been eleven.

    Who finds the word ‘Stroke’ rude when they are eleven?

    (Answer – my school mates.)

  3. janet5 says:


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