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Oh, Poly. . . Noooooooo!!!

Never really liked the whole saxophone thing, but oh, that voice. . . And no – I would not be the same person I am today without That Voice. So up yours.

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crusty anarcho-punk bands that i miss

I love Skarpretter, a great Danish anarcho-punk band. I’m still bummed they called it quits last year.

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slow start to a new year

We’re almost two weeks into 2010 and we’re still coasting on Daisy’s last 2009 post. Not a good sign for the future of things, eh? Yeah, I hold myself partly to blame. I could be posting pithy, eloquent musings on … Continue reading

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trailer for my new documentary

I’ve spent roughly the last two years working on this documentary. I actually inherited it from somebody else who started the project when they heard Ray, the singer of Stevie Stiletto, had days to live. After shooting about 30 hours … Continue reading

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I flipped that tape for ages

A few days ago, I played at the exact place I went to to see my very first punk rock concert ever (with my mum – for the record). It was so incredibly special, since it was 15 years later, … Continue reading

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Welcome to the DFP

Welcome. This is the home of the DFP. I’ll be posting some of my home studio music here from time to time and relating my ongoing attempt to become incredibly famous without trying very hard or actually talking to anyone in the … Continue reading

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