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wish me luck

-Hitting the ground running with planning a move within a month -Starting a teaching position this week -New freelance gigs -Looking for work in the place I’m moving to. Yes it sounds risky and dumb, but whatever, we made a … Continue reading

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Hi how’s it going? Highlights of my trip to Fiji: dived with big bull and nurse sharks (3m+) saw spinner dolphins jumping drank a lot of duty free single malt. Caol Isla = awesome. saw friends in Suva, partied Kinda … Continue reading

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A short rant (because I must)

Fifty fucking bucks, people. That’s what it cost me for ONE pill – a Plan B emergency contraceptive. I kid you not. I’m trying to be ‘responsible’ and ‘prepared’, and this is what it costs me. Fuckin’ A. It is … Continue reading

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