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i only came back to bask in my own pathetic nostalgia. no one fucking cares anyway, so i could write anything about your mother here. she's great in bed, by the way. note: i heart howbouthemgolfshoes, wombmoon, taco porches, lonestar beers with the fist, dc mikewhereareyou? and dr. dorkus too?, bobRIP, soundofcrickets, beating unicorns, seitan, robothouse, chris the hipster lawl!, so many more. god, i'm fucking old and pitiful. fav bands of moment: low failure simon joyner ZOOM! hum fugazi tripping daisy my bloody valentine the cure mew fever ray ender mousetrap sonic youth whatever crap blah blah fav booksies: weaveworld (no, it's not about hair weaves and latifah is not in it) better than sex banned in dc no blacks, no irish, no dogs please kill me lipstick traces anger is an energy the loneranger and tonto fistfight in heaven anything by adrian louis, like skins shellshaker almanac of the dead other shit pp had a zine list and it made me laugh. like i fucking read zines anymore. that might require leaving my house and being cool, which i am not. i didn't even know there were zines anymore. doesn't everybody fucking blog or some other retarded shit? fav films: fuck, that's a long list. not doing it. no one is reading this anyway. pp had a band question too, so here's my VERY IMPORTANT ANSWER: anyone that wants to form one with me right fucking now! or shit i do by myself.

drunken ramblings… (vic chestnutt, nooooo!)

so being that it is insanely late and i am drunk, i feel the need to post something i can properly regret tomorrow. or whenever i next happen to be sober. ba. someone needs to write a noooooooooo!! vic chestnutt … Continue reading

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some might call this spam, but….

i, for one, do not. since my lame attempt at a “what are you listening to now” thread died, here’s my product reccomendation: my bro- bras overier or whatever his handle was- is at multiply right now doing some radio … Continue reading

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how bout dem bears? sports bets? recipes? product recommendations? “what are you listening to right now?” i’ll start: wish i was listening to stewart- by dead milkmen back to your regularly scheduled programing.

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bomb-ass! all yer blog belong to me.

member how much the “base belong to..” people were on the board? or how much top thread competition there was? here’s mine. today i read this crazy ass thing, and laughed my disturbed ass off. it was partially about thanksgiving. Like … Continue reading

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i’m tired of being relentlessly optimistic- J’accuse!

I’ve been so busy doing pointless things- like raising Jonas-worshipping brats and graduating from clown college- that i only checked pp like twice over the last 5 yrs. i got all wrapped up in weird native stuff again, like planning powwows and … Continue reading

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thank you for adding me, i promise, you will regret it

Okay, I don’t promise, but there is a stong likelihood. At least just because I frequently regret adding myself to any conversation which admitted me, even by accident. This non-bb thing is kinda weird, but being that I just calculated … Continue reading

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