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I Met Janet!

Yes, and she is even lovelier in person. We talked for two hours and it felt like 15 minutes. Also, we do look alike.

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Punk Planet’s best moments

In no particular order, and this is only part one of a series: 1. eD Vs. Aaron, in cartoon format. I think we can all agree the drawings were awesome. 2. The Kashinovas and the breaking of the boards. It went … Continue reading

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I wish you guys could all come.

I’m nervous and want to puke.

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Happy New Year, Assholes

I’m missing Punk Planet right now. Not the magazine, just the boards. End of an era. End of the zeroes. End of the year. I may post my favourite moments of the past decade, as soon as I wipe … Continue reading

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Gupter Puncher Magazine

Dear All of You Lovely Ones, I have this friend. His name is Oli Johns. He’s the best writer who is still alive. He puts out this brilliant FREE magazine called, yes, Gupter Puncher. I’d really love more people to … Continue reading

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“Conservatives Protest Obama’s Nefarious Plot to Have Schoolchildren Learn Things in School”

It has come to this. Right-wingers are telling children to skip school as a protest against Obama’s encouragement of students to stay in school.

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