Happy New Year!

I finally came back after forgetting my login and my password for a long time (Hi, Alex! I still owe you an e-mail. . . )

I actually haven’t e-mailed anyone about anything for a long time. I’m being crushed by administrative crap at my job. I’ve been getting home from work late and then I don’t feel like doing anything. . . except that I have to do more administrative crap. It’s utterly soul-sucking, especially because I’m realizing just how lazy and task-avoidant other people can be, if they think I’m going to get stuck doing something for them (which I am, apparently), and because I stay up late writing e-mail instead of doing other things (like, sleeping, or reading books), and because I don’t really socialize at all. It would be nice if I could crawl out from under all of it soon; it would be even better if I didn’t really care and could let myself do a half-assed job, but I can’t.

Aside from that, nothing has really happened since I last posted here, probably. I saw Alex in New York back in 2014 (!), then I went to England for a little while, and when I came back I developed a meningitis-like virus (none of, like, six doctors had any idea what it was) and lost most of my vision for a month. That was pretty scary. I had such extreme double vision that I couldn’t focus on anything that was farther than about ten inches from my face. I wound up in an emergency room, had a shitload of blood drawn, had a couple MRIs, and lots of un-fun drugs. There was lots of shrugging and people telling me, “Sometimes these things just happen.” The initial speculation was either that I had had a small stroke or that I had a tumor. So I spent a lot of time sitting still and wondering whether it was in fact the end of the line, literally. I had a lot of those long, weird interior conversations about whether I had actually done anything meaningful with my life (no), whether there were things I still really needed/wanted to do (yes), and what tunes I’d want to have played at my funeral (umm. . . “Moon over Marin” by the Dead Kennedys? “Clash City Rockers” and “Mystery Achievement”?). It made me feel like chucking my job, although I don’t know what I’d actually do.

But then. . . I was fine. Life goes on. My dad is not well, and I’m dealing with that. I feel like I’m kind of whining about nothing, since white-collar job issues are a first-world problem and there is (apparently) still time for me to do something about that. I miss you guys. I miss punk and playing my guitar and not having to dress like a quasi-corporate stooge. I hope you are all well. Write stuff here! And I’m glad I came back and found some of you and saw those little snow-flake thingies on the site.

I have the sneaking suspicion that there is a Stevic Sin involved in all of this, but I don’t remember what it is. Happy New Year, dudes.

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3 Responses to Happy New Year!

  1. k- says:

    OMG, JANET!!! So good to hear from you. Really sorry to hear about the vision problem. I had a string of migraines a few months ago and had to get an MRI too. That was weird. Just going in the tube made me age something like 10 years (or perhaps made me realize I wasn’t ten years younger than I often think I am). My mom passed away last year and now we’re having to get my dad into assisted living. He called me a few days ago to tell me he was throwing in the towel. So I feel for you about your own dad. The worst thing about getting old is seeing and dealing with your parents age and pass away. But on the upside, I’ve spent the last five months living in Galway Ireland again (we were here 4 years ago). Finished writing a book on Global Punk (called Global Punk) and another academic one about discourse analysis (way sexier than it sounds. No, not really). I also formed a punk trio here, practiced a few times, played a handful of gigs, and recorded a 13-song EP. We’re called Flaccid Reflux and are trying to figure out how to do reunion shows in the future, since we’re heading back to the US tomorrow. So good to hear from you, Janet — as well as you other beloved bums who might read this. xoxo kevin

  2. janet5 says:

    OMG, Kevin! It’s good to hear from you, and thank you for continuing to send the Geneva 13s my way. I’m sorry to hear about your mom passing away. I think when my dad had a big health scare last summer it finally brought home to me that, yeah, my parents are getting older and I am getting older. I am sort of trying to be a better person when I’m around them; they don’t need my stress, you know? But I’m not sure I’m going to cope very well when they are gone. Migraines suck, by the way. I hope that you don’t get them very often, and that you at least have good drugs for them.

    Your autumn in Galway sounds good, though. I’ll look forward to the book on Global Punk (did you fit in the punks of Banda Aceh?). Discourse analysis, eh. . . oh, I know it’s sexy, although I am much more of a crude materialist. When will it be coming out? By the way, do you ever attend the big national conference in (ahem) yours and my field? It’s going to be in Philadelphia in 2016, which means I’ll be there, which means we should meet up and get donuts or bourbon or something (or both).

    A thirteen song “EP”, eh? I guess that beats the time that Joe Jackson released a three-sided album. Nice T-shirts, by the way (I just googled you). I’ll give a listen to the tunes on your Facebook page. I hope you guys will be able to continue collaborating through the magic of the interweb-teleport-Skype whatnot that all the kidz seem to use these days. Take care!

    Oh, I don’t use my hotmail account much anymore, mostly because I’m constantly forgetting how to log in. I’ll send you my other address, just FYI.

  3. epanchinriot says:

    Janet! So good to hear from you. I was actually thinking about you a bit before Xmas because I drove down to Georgia and shot right past your whereabouts. Actually on my way back to NYC right now. Can’t believe it’s been that long since I last saw you.

    Sorry about illness but glad to hear you’re doing way better now. I hate typing on a phone in a car (no I’m not driving) but I’ll probably write something a little more thought out here later. Miss you too! Let me know if you’re planning anymore trips to New York soon. I’m working as a school photographer now and mostly just trying to save up to leave New York.

    Go listen to “This Will Be Our Year” by the Zombies and pretend I’m telling you all this over coffee somewhere.


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