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Happy New Year, Assholes

I’m missing Punk Planet right now. Not the magazine, just the boards. End of an era. End of the zeroes. End of the year. I may post my favourite moments of the past decade, as soon as I wipe … Continue reading

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bread pudding

I tried some of this over Christmas.  The fiancee has been talking it up for a while, so we made some with her parents over the holidays. Holy shit.  It’s basically a tray full of a variant of French Toast … Continue reading

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We Hate It When Our Friends Become Zombies

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drunken ramblings… (vic chestnutt, nooooo!)

so being that it is insanely late and i am drunk, i feel the need to post something i can properly regret tomorrow. or whenever i next happen to be sober. ba. someone needs to write a noooooooooo!! vic chestnutt … Continue reading

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I miss Nora Rocket.

She had the best blog on PP.

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We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful

Being back home for Winter Break only reminds me of all the reasons I left this place in the first place. Which sucks, because I was expecting some sort of epiphany where suddenly I would prance around tossing about love … Continue reading

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Bodybuilder Xmas Special

It’s been hella quiet on my music site lately but that may change in the New Year. I have been doing lots of music lately. This first track I’m putting up is your Xmas present from me. Listen to it … Continue reading

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Oral Roberts, nooooooooo

Time to meet your NINE Hundred Foot Jesus. (sorry, but I think this is one of those traditions that deserves to be kept alive)

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