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Stevie Wonder – Superstition Live on Sesame Street 1973

This is worth watching right to the end…great instrumental stuff and the kids’ crazy dancing. PS – Hi all. I moved back from the Pacific ages ago. I quit my increasingly shit job at Uni last year and I am … Continue reading

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Why won’t people say they are punks?

I never got this on the old board. There were people who listened to lots of punk music, went to punk shows, and had lots of punk political views and talked about punk all the time. But they’d deny they … Continue reading

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List of chicks / dudes who have tried to pick me up since I got married

My ex gf from before I got engaged. That girl in Edinburgh who invited me back into her room to smoke hash and told me about her boyfriend’s impotence problems and then when she worked out I was only interested … Continue reading

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Some New Folk Trax

I am making a new CD. The style will be like these 2 sample tracks: The Love in Your Heart Sailsbury Highway

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Nothing Grows in Texas

Children, are you sitting comfortably? Let us begin. This is a video of Australian post-punk group The Sacred Cowboys, in 1984. The self-titled debut album is better than this very silly single suggests. I sent Alex some tracks  from it, … Continue reading

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When I was 9, I traveled to the UK with my family. We saw trendy punks in London. There were hundreds of them. They wore a lot of tartan and leather and had bright hair and they used to play … Continue reading

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William McDouchebag from your past wants to be friends on facebook


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Love to see this act… Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill – start watching at about the two minute mark. This is kinda an Xmas gift for Janet – if you like trad you might look them up. S.  

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