Love to see this act…

Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill – start watching at about the two minute mark. This is kinda an Xmas gift for Janet – if you like trad you might look them up. S.



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One Response to Love to see this act…

  1. janet5 says:

    Thanks Steve. I was visiting my parents, in a magical land where internet access is sporadic, so I haven’t been able to watch this til now. And I got all twitchy because I could see your post but I couldn’t play the video. So it is nice to have a Christmas present in January. I have an old, live CD from them (maybe twenty years old?) but this is way better. Thank you.

    Two thoughts, on seeing this. One – folk audiences in Ireland are much younger, hipper, and healthier-looking than they are in the US. Two – I suck as a musician. That’s kind of obvious. Or maybe I should have lower standards for myself.

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