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Happy New Year!

I finally came back after forgetting my login and my password for a long time (Hi, Alex! I still owe you an e-mail. . . ) I actually haven’t e-mailed anyone about anything for a long time. I’m being crushed … Continue reading

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Dammit, Mack

And to think I was going to tell you how I met Daisy. (harrumphs off to sit in a corner and do her taxes).

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Places I’d rather be right now

In no particular order: 1. Halifax, Nova Scotia 2. Broadford or Upper Breakish, Isle of Skye (Lower Breakish would be ok, too) 3. Fort Greene, Brooklyn 4. San Rafael, California (rain, not snow) 5. London (Daisy’s there – that’s enough … Continue reading

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Tell me about Tattoos (was “Embarrassed Southern Steves”)

OK peoples, Update. I am definitely getting that tattoo. I want this picture on my arm. I met a lady whop does tats and it’s happening. Does it hurt? Do you have tats? Do they make you feel better? S. … Continue reading

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green day fade away?

I seem to recall that Daisy posted something back on the ol’ pp.com boards about being excited about the new Green Day album. But since it’s release I haven’t heard anybody talking about it — either negatively or positively. I … Continue reading

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over excitement is the new roller blading

I hardly ever get physically aggressive, but right after people-stop-walking-suddenly-or-walk-inappropriately-slow, people dare to get hit by over-excessively clapping/cheering BEFORE a show/performance/… (in this case by suprisingly adorable Bill Callahan). This poor bare-footed dandy could have thrown used toilet paper into … Continue reading

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anger is an energy

I used to think that my anger protected me, but really, all it does is alienate myself from others, thus creating a vicious circle of expectations which are often unmet. How do I free myself of anger? How do I … Continue reading

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thank you for adding me, i promise, you will regret it

Okay, I don’t promise, but there is a stong likelihood. At least just because I frequently regret adding myself to any conversation which admitted me, even by accident. This non-bb thing is kinda weird, but being that I just calculated … Continue reading

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