I Miss You Jerks

I spent 45 minutes remembering how to log in and post.

I saw Jen D. (yeah, S. — whatever — some things are fixed in time)  post in the Shabby thread recently. That makes me super happy, in a totally slightly less depressed than I was an hour ago kind of way. (RIP Shabby and Von Kobra).

I wrote a whole thing about how bleak and awful life is, but I took pity on you bastards and deleted it.

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3 Responses to I Miss You Jerks

  1. sjmckenzie says:

    Hi Aaron. I miss PP as well. Facebook doesn’t cut it. This site was OK at the start but is pretty much dead now.

    Hope you are all right. I am always on the verge of being super fucked, but then my kids lift me out of it again, for a while. Alcohol doesn’t help.

    Todd posted! And he’s getting all healthy and stuff. Maybe I should post a fitness diary or something,

  2. Apple Bread Mistress says:

    I ❤ you, Aaron.

  3. Aaron Akins says:

    Love you forever, Jen.

    I feel like we’re in a sci-fi movie that only lets us communicate years apart.

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