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The Most Punk Bunny Ever.

This is my bunny Deg, relaxing in the weeds/ dichondra that is probably never going to grow. We’ve recently moved to a house from a tiny, tiny apartment. From this picture she is obviously enjoying the move. This picture was … Continue reading

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Minti Mindi Dot Com Theme Song

The MINTI MINDI DOT COM THEME TUNE Click the chicken to play! I’m glad to get this one off my chest, really. This track is ages old, dating from the first few months we were in the Solomons a few … Continue reading

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RIP, Von Kobra

A few hours ago, I learned that Johnny Von Kobra passed away on July 18th.  He was a very quick witted man, with a big heart, whose departure from Earth has left a big hole in many lives. Here’s what … Continue reading

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bomb-ass! all yer blog belong to me.

member how much the “base belong to..” people were on the board? or how much top thread competition there was? here’s mine. today i read this crazy ass thing, and laughed my disturbed ass off. it was partially about thanksgiving. Like … Continue reading

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i’m tired of being relentlessly optimistic- J’accuse!

I’ve been so busy doing pointless things- like raising Jonas-worshipping brats and graduating from clown college- that i only checked pp like twice over the last 5 yrs. i got all wrapped up in weird native stuff again, like planning powwows and … Continue reading

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sweet potato justice

I served jury duty today (OK I hung out in the jury pool and wrote and listened to comic book podcasts on my mp3 player and watched The Price Is Right), and I made a magical discovery; During the lunch … Continue reading

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Poo Flags for Palin

Here’s one of the shots of the poo flags I was talking about in Berlin.There were dozens of these close to where we were staying. Part of some shame campaign that does not seem to be working, like, at all. … Continue reading

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I flipped that tape for ages

A few days ago, I played at the exact place I went to to see my very first punk rock concert ever (with my mum – for the record). It was so incredibly special, since it was 15 years later, … Continue reading

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