last day at work, kinda

One contract is kaput, at my request. The other one has 5 hours left. I am unemployed from tommorow on. Still tons to do, but, someone else can do it. I’m moving on. I got an article to finish in mny own time and that’s it.

I never really have farewells or end of year parties or anything like that at work. Last time there was this half-arsed attempt to take me out to lunch which was mostly just embarassing. The boss tried politley asking me those ‘get to know you’ questions (like my kids names, etc), while the office staff sat there bitching at each other. After a while I just looked out the window. Totally the invisible man.

And every other time I have ended a job, I just kind of stop going and ignore all my e-mails until the IT people decativate my account.

Might be nice to one day have a life where I do not just slip through without causing a ripple, but it might not. Invisibility might be the best thing, right now.

Money-job wise, I start working online for the Adelaide technical college in August, probably.

And they sure won’t be taking me out to lunch. Unless they have virtual lunches.

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12 Responses to last day at work, kinda

  1. necrotizing fasciitis says:

    i’m taking phone orders at a women’s clothing catalog company, so count yourself lucky.

  2. epanchinriot says:

    Virtual lunches do not sound filling. Good luck with the new job.

  3. I do count myself lucky, really.

    It is just a bit weird leaving something you have done for years, without any real emotion about it at all.

  4. janet5 says:

    This is depressing. . . your former boss didn’t actually ask you the names of your kids until your farewell party, last time around?!
    I echo the good luck sentiments. I hope you can find something that you can connect with a bit more, work-wise, sometime soon.

  5. No. I think it only occurred to them that I might leave when i said “I’m leaving.” Then they hastily tried to get to know me, to cover up how embarrassing it was that they didn’t already.
    And really it is embarrassing and weird, rather than depressing.
    I think I would make a good spy.

    My new work is all online so I guess a sense of disconnection is expected.

  6. Aaron Akins says:

    I’m a bit insulted that my lasting reputation is that of an unrestrained brute.

  7. I think that is just people aping your own self-hype from years ago. Plus, you did crash the boards.
    If you wanna post here I can hook you up but you will need a wordpress account.

  8. xxadaxx says:

    hook me up dude

    • janet5 says:

      Hi – I think you posted your comment right after Steve (temporarily) went off-line; I just saw it and approved it, but I don’t know how to give you posting rights. Kevin, can you help out?

      • Great Southern Steve says:

        online at a mates house, we leave tommorow. i just added aaron, he needs to check his e-mail to confirm being added to the site.


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