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There is no way you are going to read a weirder news story than this one anytime this year

You have to make your own entertainment in the country, you know I was born about 30 miles from where this took place, incidentally.

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What the fuck have you been reading lately?

Bill Bryson – Notes from a Small Island (second time). Alan Garner – the Weirdstone of Brisingamen. I had not read this since I was about eleven and I had forgotten how, um, weird it is, and kinda bad. Such … Continue reading

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How the fuck is everybody?


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maybe moving to PNG

We might be moving to Papua New Guinea. My wife had a promising interview for a 2- or 3-year position as an advisor. We think she’s going to get the job but are waiting for definite confirmation from the powers … Continue reading

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Bad Street, U-S-A

I would really like to get the opinion of our non-American cohort on this video. I find the whole thing hilarious, on so many different levels: from the ridiculousness of the lyrics and the cheesiness of the backing band to … Continue reading

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And Now for My Very First Order of Business…

I will post this video of a bulldog kissing a baby orangutan (and vice-versa). And to anybody who says this isn’t punk, well FUCK RIGHT OFF! Because this is punker than you’ll EVER be! [Runs out of blog crying.]

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Yo Todd

I added you. Log in with your wordpress ID etc. Spacklin’ Steve.    

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