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Love to see this act… Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill – start watching at about the two minute mark. This is kinda an Xmas gift for Janet – if you like trad you might look them up. S.  

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Best thing I’ve seen in ages. Why has no one ever made the Lucy/HR connection before?  

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Gregg Ginn does something not so smart…

What’s up with sending copyright claims to youtube for bands that aren’t even on SST? Seriously dude, chill out. The Lower Class Brats are not amused.

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in other news…

Henry Fiat’s Open Sore still rock.

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This is me

Hi, I (Southern Steve) got sick of having multiple WP accounts so consolidated them all. So, this is me. Merry Xmas.

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Henry Rollins says something smart

Really, really smart. My favorite line: “The guy at Subway is not trying to make you the best tuna sandwich you’ve ever had, he’s just trying to get through the day.”

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