Firefighters were tougher back then

Nantwich is a small market town in the north of England. This is from their tourist information leaflet

“The best recorded disaster is the Great Fire of 1583 which, encouraged by constant winds, lasted for 20 days and destroyed most of the town. Four bears, released for their own safety from their cage in the town’s bear pit, considerably hampered the firefighting operations.”


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1 Response to Firefighters were tougher back then

  1. This is the sort of thing that brings out the super nerdy and optimistic side in me. I always think things like:

    “Hey, we could put together a book on all the cool stories about bears from the middle ages and early modern period! With wood cut illustrations! We could call it “This Bears Repeating!”

    But I never follow through because I know ultimately that no publisher would touch it, and even if they did it would be some dorky antiquarian publisher and it would only sell 1000 copies, and the rest would end up on remainder tables for 3.99.

    I blame the internet. And just people generally.

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