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So Mack can call me names…

Razorcake published an essay I wrote about the recent White/Lowery debate about file-sharing and musical ‘piracy’. The essay came about partly through an exchange I had with Mack. I’m posting it here so Mack can continue to call me names and question … Continue reading

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Ya know, life here can be vexing. our methods of communication are always changing, overlapping, and yet, there’s still this sense of disconnect. Everywhere I go, i see people fiddling with various electronic gadgetry- whether it’s laptops, hand held video … Continue reading

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Some New Folk Trax

I am making a new CD. The style will be like these 2 sample tracks: The Love in Your Heart Sailsbury Highway

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And habañero flavor, no less! Was there ANY chance WHATSOEVER that I was NOT going to try this shit with, for instance, some goddamn multi-grain flaxseed froufy tortilla chip bullshits? I ate the unholy FUCK out of it. NO…that’s NOT … Continue reading

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