You All Should Do This

Found this in the girls bathroom at my school. Made me hate the place a little less.


In other news, I met Janet and Miranda in real life. They both rule. They also add to my theory  that we womenz on here are way too good-looking for the dudes. Oh yeah, I got arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge and my court date is December 14th which really  sucks because I more than likely have at least 2 finals that day. I approached my Philosophy professor about this on Monday. It was kind of weird to have to be like, “Oh yeah, I kind of sort of got arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge and my court date coincides with the final.” I wasn’t sure the reaction I’d get but all he said was, “We’ll figure something out.” And on my way out the door he added, “Well done, by the way.” So that made me feel a little better. 

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23 Responses to You All Should Do This

  1. k- says:

    Way too good-looking. You won’t get any arguments around here.

  2. Speaking as the sole member of the opposite sex from that you’ve actually met in person, I’d just like to say that you’re a big meanie. At least the man in the mirror after I poop thinks I’m pretty…

  3. Steve says:

    Oh yeah, I got arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge

    So you’re the 99 percent!

    I have no real way of participating in this thing at the moment. I go back to Adelaide for Xmas time, but then, Occupy Adelaide looks like this:

    The 99% looking suspiciously like the 3%, there. But I guess they are trying.

    I have also investigated a couple of options for donating cash to the Occupy movement. Some seem dodgy and I got no guarantee it isn’t just going to disappear, i.e.,

    but this one looks all right:

    Anyway good luck in court.

    • epanchinriot says:

      I am all of the 99%.

      You should have donated pizza when you had the chance. Tastiest donation ever. Titus Andronicus and Ted Leo & the Pharmacists donated $3500 from a show they had this past week to the National Lawyer’s Guild (the group representing me and the rest of the protestors), so that’s pretty awesome.

      Thanks, I need it.

  4. rjxp says:

    i dunno, some of the dudes I have meet from here are pretty smoking hot.

  5. k- says:

    You didn’t post pics of you and Janet, so how are we to know that really happened?

    Plus, I’ve been told I have nice legs. Of course, I’ve also been told my face makes a baboon’s arse look sexy. So there’s that.

  6. k- says:

    Plus, why did you pull a Daisy Anne on Facebook?

    • epanchinriot says:

      Janet and I don’t need you all salivating at that. You saw what happened with the pics of me and Miranda.

      Also, fuck Facebook. I seriously had to take a mental break from that weird parallel universe and it’s the best thing ever. PLUS I do that all the time!

      Seriously, though. Anybody here that has Facebook, delete it for a while.
      People bother you less and since I deleted mine I’ve had more time to write (, learn to play guitar, draw/paint, and just bask in general awesomeness, oh and I lost twenty pounds! (kidding, I wish)

      Kind of pathetic that it took deleting facebook to kick my butt in gear… but whatever.

      P.S. hehe you said arse.

  7. janet5 says:

    If I were your professor, I would totally let you make up the final!

  8. janet5 says:

    Oh, and I have no doubt that K- has better legs than I do. Although I probably look better in fishnets.

  9. janet5 says:

    Call me if you need anything!!

    • epanchinriot says:

      Thank you! I’m fine. The geniuses lost my paperwork. Not even kidding. Though I have a sneaky suspicion my cop did it on purpose since I saw 3 of the 6 girls in my cell and their paperwork was lost too. Yeah, it could be a mere coincidence but I’d like to pretend that the cop was fighting the power.

      • epanchinriot says:

        By lost my paperwork, I mean that my case pretty much never existed/doesn’t exist. Gotta love the judicial system.

        • janet5 says:

          Oh, that’s great! I mean, that’s great, right?
          Kafka never actually wrote that story about how the monstrous, inhumane, impenetrably soul-crushing bureaucracy could sometimes irrevocably screw up in someone’s favor. I guess that would be the cheerful Kafka that we never met.
          Anyway, good news!
          How much longer will you be in NYC?

          • epanchinriot says:

            Haha, oh Kafka.


            I will be in NYC forever. Or at least until I get too old to move swiftly.

            Also, I may be in Pennsylvania sometime in January but I’m not sure how far State College/Wellsboro is from you.

            I found myself a boyfriend that lives in those parts…

            Also, as of today I am done with this semester! Which is why it took me so long to respond…More YAY.

  10. k- says:

    Fight the power! (and then pay the fee)

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