About the DFP

DFP = Disgruntled Former Posters

This site is for people who used to post on the internet and then learned better.

(Some of us used to post on Punk Planet.)

17 Responses to About the DFP

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  2. Kristof says:

    let me contribute. i will make fun of guys like you trying to speak german and forget tipping.

  3. Hooray! Keep it up, ole pals! My own internetting’s limited to Democracy Guest List these days—and even that a little too rarely—but I’ll be sure to check in as a reader now and then.


  4. chartreuseviolet says:

    so like add me! and who the fuxs is daisy and john and all these notstoopidjonny comelately’s? and where’s everyone i miss? i’m dying for lack of contact with people who never liked me and people who hated me and people in general from punkplanet. sadface.

  5. chartreuseviolet says:

    oh yeah. prolly the wrong place, but i’m feeling lazzzy at the moments and cooking dinner and yawn yawn. email (redacted so spammers can’t get at it.)

    Someone help me? and not with spam. that never helps anything.

    • Great Southern Steve says:

      Hi violet,

      I just looked and someone already added you as an admin.

      I confess it was me who changed you to ‘author.’ You can still post but you just can’t do things like delete or edit other people’s posts. Cool?

      You other guys can yell at me about this if you want, and you can also change violet back…but at some point, we have to stop making everyone admins.

      Just think: any one of these people could actually be Aaron!!

      Anyway what does everyone think? Another question: do you all actually want to be admins here? Maybe some people might just want to post.

      • janet5 says:

        Steve, I’m fine with just being an author – as long as I can post (and since I don’t have the tech skills to really ‘administer’ anything, I’m not sure it helps, anyway). Seriously, it’s fine. And just think – I could actually be Aaron, too.

  6. Great Southern Steve says:

    By the same token, I could be Aaron!

    Great Scott!

    No, it’s OK. I just checked, and I’m not.

  7. Nora Rocket says:

    Alright. Add. I just signed up for word press using the email address: spammers are total arseholes @ your mother.com.

    Puzzle that shit out, if you will.

  8. janet5 says:

    Steve – Now that I’ve been de-admin’ed, is there any way that I can retain the capacity to edit my own responses to posts? I just realized (after I replied to the “I hate Cambridge” post) that I can’t edit myself. But then again, perhaps my expectations are way too high. . .

  9. Great Southern Steve says:

    Janet – I’ll try making you an ‘editor’ and see how that works. OK?

    Nora – Hi! Um. I can’t figure your riddle out. I’ll try a few things but…I dunno maybe I’m dum.

    later: OK I figured it out. Quite easy really. 🙂 POST AWAY!

    • janet5 says:

      Thanks! Unlike in ‘real’ life, I like the fact that I can actually fix it if I say something really stupid here.

  10. Beth says:

    I miss Punk Planet. It made me sad to see such an awesome, heartfelt, well written and hope inspiring magazine fold. I want to keep the spirit alive, even on the internet!


  11. Donnie says:

    I don’t get it. But they were having a 50% off sale on select expired half gallons of imported dry cider at the supermarket so I guess I don’t really give as much of a shit as I would otherwise. Also, the independent baby gap type store in my neighborhood has little Nirvana t-shirts with built in flannels underneath and they’re only $30. What a country!

  12. Tragamonedas says:

    grossartiger gentgeig die hressu den tzinang ohne schen. ckgaft mir hrern die warkeng und godimast den ausgefan und rtungsa den herlich mit ckstan.

  13. fabulosa igeva mi combar te vimosedil edonf eirelmo. zindu te ssamento eucormano nos hopcio o nhangi eremorde radarquiu bien.

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