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There is no way you are going to read a weirder news story than this one anytime this year

You have to make your own entertainment in the country, you know I was born about 30 miles from where this took place, incidentally.

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football done properly

11 J-League professionals versus a team of small schoolchildren. But there are a hundred of them.

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Cassetteboy vs Nick Griffin

Daisy is probably the one who will really appreciate this, so I hope she sees it when she gets out of hospital, but we have a nasty far right party called the BNP here (which always makes me laugh when … Continue reading

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Firefighters were tougher back then

Nantwich is a small market town in the north of England. This is from their tourist information leaflet “The best recorded disaster is the Great Fire of 1583 which, encouraged by constant winds, lasted for 20 days and destroyed most … Continue reading

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Chip Pan Fire

Given the recent talk of chip butties, I thought it only right to post this cautionary tale: Glosses: A chip pan is a regular frying pan filled with very hot oil for the cooking of chips 999 is the emergency … Continue reading

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A Kind Of Homecoming

There’s still time before the shuttle leaves, and so I decide to take a walk outside and say my final goodbyes to Hesperia. Two years I’ve been here, working out at the other side of the galaxy, and even though … Continue reading

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Punk Haikus

Shirts off in the pit Sweaty bodies all around Tomorrow – bruises! … Razor and raw egg Shave the side and rub it in Instant mohican … Three chords and the truth All you need to start a band (drums … Continue reading

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Why Having Left Japan Sucks, Part 857

…because not five minutes (okay, twelve months) after I leave, they decide to build a 35 meter high robot in the park we used to go to almost every other weekend more pictures and stuff at

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