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hands, paws and claws

dear ex PP forums people i now do have a tumblr -> i also do not check back here often -> duh! hugs to all of you!

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over excitement is the new roller blading

I hardly ever get physically aggressive, but right after people-stop-walking-suddenly-or-walk-inappropriately-slow, people dare to get hit by over-excessively clapping/cheering BEFORE a show/performance/… (in this case by suprisingly adorable Bill Callahan). This poor bare-footed dandy could have thrown used toilet paper into … Continue reading

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I flipped that tape for ages

A few days ago, I played at the exact place I went to to see my very first punk rock concert ever (with my mum – for the record). It was so incredibly special, since it was 15 years later, … Continue reading

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