Nothing Grows in Texas

Children, are you sitting comfortably? Let us begin.

This is a video of Australian post-punk group The Sacred Cowboys, in 1984. The self-titled debut album is better than this very silly single suggests. I sent Alex some tracks  from it, on a compilation I made her. Several members were also in The Models, who are also on that compilation. Both are good bands.

The presenter is the aforementioned Ian Molly Meldrum, and the show is ‘CountDown’. I remember this exact episode. I was 14, and a fan of the band at the time.

His label for them – ‘The Worst Band I Have Seen in the Last Five Years‘ – was the band’s pride and glory, and they quoted it on posters, etc.

A former cast member of Deadwood (Dan Dority) has formed a spinoff band of the same name, making searching for the Australian band a bit confusing. If it is a bunch of big fat American blokes with beards, it is the wrong band.

Yes, this will be in the exam.

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1 Response to Nothing Grows in Texas

  1. janet5 says:

    Now I remember: Lloyd Cole and the Commotion. That is who they remind me of, a bit (mostly because of the qualities of the singer’s voice). Lloyd Cole’s tunes did not have the same degree of country-style guitar – not quite – but there is something of that pop/country hybrid from the mid-80s that sounds very familiar to me. And yeah, Ian Molly Meldrum would have really irritated me, too. At least Dick Clark had the good sense to act (somewhat) his age. I remember back in the 1970s thinking that Clark must be SUPER old – like, in his 40s or something.

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