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Poly Styrene, Thank You.

[I just finished writing this and am about to send it over to Razorcake to see if they want to use it. But I thought I’d also post it here. Mack, I didn’t even ask your permission to quote you. … Continue reading

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Oh, Poly. . . Noooooooo!!!

Never really liked the whole saxophone thing, but oh, that voice. . . And no – I would not be the same person I am today without That Voice. So up yours.

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easter is very late this year

fucking easter.

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Mark Burgess’ Of The Chameleons radio show!

Tonight Mark Burgess from The Chameleons/ ChameleonsVox will be hosting the Strangeways Radio Guest List show at 9pm EST (6pm PST). Mark will be joining us in the chat room during the show, so come meet a legend. He has … Continue reading

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Economics of Spam

This has been happening a lot this year. The site got 86 hits yesterday, but nearly half of them were from these weirdo sites called things like that sound like fake Bahasa Malay or Indonesian names or something. You … Continue reading

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seems to me…

that no matter where i go, there’s confusion.

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Congratulations, DFP

So now Mack is gone – totally deleted, comments, posts, everything. Way to go. I’m upset about this: not at any one person in particular (and I’m part of this group and its dynamics, too), but more at the fact … Continue reading

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My baby teeth

I wrote a poem that I actually really like. Since you kids seem to enjoy my stuff I guess I’ll post it here. Also, I’m sick of all the weird passive aggressiveness going on. Especially on “the DFP is…” thing. That is … Continue reading

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