This is not a title

Just checking in again. I have not been online much since my internet has been down and now my laptop has decided to stop preventing me from throwing it out the window.

Mostly I have been spending my time listening to melancholy music (Emmy the Great, Neutral Milk Hotel, Nico, etc.) and taking walks in the cold to prepare for winter. I just turned in the last assignment in the first college class I’ve taken in over 3 years. The professor once told me that she is a better person for having read my writing, so I’m not too worried about the grade. Also, pretty much anyone capable of stringing a sentence together would seem Pulitzer-worthy in comparison to most of the class. Actual exchange that took place today:

Male student: Did that book (he was referring to Maus) and Night take place around the same time?
Professor: Yeah, they both take place during the Holocaust.
Male student: No, like, the Holocaust went on for a long time.
Professor: No, they definitely took place around the same time period.

And! The girl using Maus as her project topic said that she liked it because she only reads magazines and liked that it had a lot of pictures. 4 students chose the books they did because it was “the only book [they] had ever read all the way through”. It’s frightening.

Now that I’ve started rambling I’ve forgotten what I originally intended to say in this, so instead I will post pictures:

I made these for my project, which was on The Eleventh Hour by Graeme Base. I’m not sure if I’ve ever mentioned it, but I love children’s and young adult literature. When it’s good, it tends to be more comforting, more honest, and much more imaginative than most adult literature. Anyway, back to the cupcakes: I made these from scratch, mixing everything by hand. They turned out okay, except that it was the first time I’ve used a piping bag so some of the icing looks a bit like poo.

I took this a week or two ago next to the man-made lake/pond behind my office. I like how it came out, though it sort of reminds me of the cover of that one Alanis Morissette album. All pictures taken with my phone camera, as usual.

Oh! Some friends and I are doing a riot grrl cover set for this 90s cover show which is happening in January (with proceeds going to Planned Parenthood). We want to do a Bikini Kill song, a Hole song, and even though it’s not exactly riot grrl I really want to do New York City by Cub. Which artists and songs would you expect/want to hear in a riot grrl set?

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2 Responses to This is not a title

  1. Steevo says:

    Bikini Kill- Rebel Girl
    The Slits- Typical Girls

  2. janet5 says:

    Does Gepetto by Belly count? (am too old for the riot grrl period. Everything from the early 90s is sort of a blur, anyway). But if you figure out the guitar riffs in that song, please pass ’em along.

    Hey, I’d eat those cupcakes. Although that may indicate something about my Freudian stage of development. . .

    I like the picture. And. . . do you post any of your writing anywhere?

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