10 years too late

I’m starting a new web-based music zine with my friend Kevin who runs a record store.

Anyone interested in contributing?

We’re working out the details now, but we hope to have a regular list of contributors who submit at least one thing a month — a review, essay, and/or interview. The focus is on music and things related to music, preferably of the DIY punk variety. New content will be posted regularly once-a-week. About every six months or so, we’ll do a print version of the zine (mostly selected from the online postings). If you are interested in being a regular contributor (occasional contributions also accepted), let me know and I’ll send you more information. Thanks!

(oh, and all regular posters on this site are required to say YES. I’m especially talking about you, Mack, Janet, Alex, the two Steves, and hopefully Todd and Aaron too).

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11 Responses to 10 years too late

  1. janet5 says:

    Who? What, me? Dude, I’m like, busy, y’know? I mean, I haven’t even gotten around to watching the video Steve posted. Although I will. OK, well, yeah. I’ll do it. Does this mean that you are giving me permission to actually listen to music? Oh, crap. . .

  2. epanchinriot says:

    OH BOY AM I INTERESTED. I need to write things about things…

    I am also honored that you would even consider me.

    Also, how come no one posted a RIP MCA thing?

    You all are getting lazy here. (Not me, nope.)

  3. sjmckenzie says:

    ok i will have a go. where is it?

  4. xxadaxx says:

    I haven’t written a record review since 1996. And they weren’t good then.

    I guess I’m in.

  5. janet5 says:

    You know, of course, that this may mean that I wind up inventing fake bands and fake albums that I wish existed.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Will I be able to write about Billy Squier?

  7. k- says:

    Sorry, but it looks like this thing completely fell apart. My buddy just totally left me hanging, and I don’t feel like doing all the work myself. Maybe it’ll still come together, but I’ve stopped expecting it to.

    • janet5 says:

      Ah well. I had actually come up with two whole real bands I could review, plus a couple fake ones. My favorite one was Sociotropic – they do sort of L.A.-style raging punk circa 1983 with a bit of a Caribbean undertone (they have this one guy who just thrashes on the steel drum). Damn. They could have used the publicity.

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