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Music You Might Like

Yeah so, When we first set this here place up, I figured people would be able to cross-post stuff from their own blogs on to here. Save me visiting dozens of blogs. I’m finally getting around to doing that. Here’s all the … Continue reading

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anybody watching the televised health care debates?

Yeah, me neither. In other news, Alexander Haig is still dead.

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Frankly I’m appauled by how bad Doctor Who has gotten

Just been watching series 4 and the 2009-10 soecials and peeeeeew, is there some stinky stuff in there. Still some good episodes early on, but the whole thing is turning into a giant soap opera and the final quarter of … Continue reading

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Places I’d rather be right now

In no particular order: 1. Halifax, Nova Scotia 2. Broadford or Upper Breakish, Isle of Skye (Lower Breakish would be ok, too) 3. Fort Greene, Brooklyn 4. San Rafael, California (rain, not snow) 5. London (Daisy’s there – that’s enough … Continue reading

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So I just drove through a plate glass window

I came into park, and then tried to break, except using the accelerator pedal. Hmm. Anyway the insurance dudes are sorting that out and I am feeling OK but it was really something to see.  We trashed that window good. … Continue reading

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copying is not theft

no it ain’t.

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A michigan resident, whom we’re all familiar with, whose first name starts with an M and ends with an A will be celebrating the anniversary of their first breath of air on terra firma. So, if you’re a bastard, and … Continue reading

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The Vagina Monologues

For those of you who don’t know what The Vagina Monologues are, you can read about it here. Anyway, I’m a member of the cast and the show opens tonight and I’m very nervous and excited. I wish you could … Continue reading

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