Steve, is everything OK where you are?

Scary. Since I have no perspective or sense of geography/distance – is Lae close enough that you had any effects of the quake or the waves? You used to live in Honiara, right?

Take care.

How is everyone, anyway? And if Daisy answers that question, I will probably pass out from shock.

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4 Responses to Steve, is everything OK where you are?

  1. sjmckenzie says:

    We’re fine. Quake was nowhere near us. Tsunami warning was only current for a few hours.

    Yep, we lived in Honiara for a few years. I don’t think it was affected either. The damage was all in Santa Cruz which is out near Vanuatu. Eight people dead. Elsewhere it was just small waves.

    Santa Cruz is pretty poor and I think a lot of stuff got destroyed. Apart from the initial deaths, that’s actually the real problem with this kind of thing. That’s a whole lot of people who will not go to school, not get paid, not be able to live properly, not have medical care, etc, and the damage won’t get repaired, for ages.

  2. janet5 says:

    Plus the aftershocks have been huge, I guess – more damage.

    Do you remember how Daisy used to have those weird earthquake updates on her Twitter feed? She used to spin them all together into these grim warnings of some coming apocalypse, but I used to think that whatever had already happened was pretty bad. I grew up just outside San Francisco. I don’t like earthquakes.

  3. xxadaxx says:

    I’m ok. Just sayin’.

    • janet5 says:

      What’s up? Seriously, post something. Otherwise people will have to keep putting up with my totally lame shit.

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