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Right Speak Tutor

The results of some extensive field research…. “I’m just trying to find some common ground / consensus / understanding on this issue.” From context alone, this appears to me to be be part of some kind of mating ritual. It … Continue reading

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40th Birthday plans / Mid-Life (un) Crisis

I turn 40 on June 1. Scheduled celebration activities: Scotch. (Yes, it counts as an activity. The way I do it does, anyway.) Time away without the kids Go Shark cage diving (i.e. scuba diving in a cage, with large White … Continue reading

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chronic overachievings

Because I figure everyone’s DYING to know what’s going on with me; I’m starting a new webcomic project this week because well, I wanted to try something new, so why not.  Actually I’ve been working on it for almost a … Continue reading

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Ever Fallen in Love?

Have you ever had a relationship that utterly imploded and it was entirely your fault? A few years ago I dated a woman for a short period of time. She was awkward and self-conscious and shy and I loved her. … Continue reading

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Matt Smith as Doctor Who: Doesn’t suck so far

After three episodes, I have readily accepted that Matt Smith is Doctor Who. I was worried he was going to play the role as a kind of namby-pants Gen Y woofter, but in fact he carries the whole thing off … Continue reading

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Lynn Redgrave, nooo!

I was going to title this “Gulf of Mexico, nooooo!” but it just makes me too depressed. I like that Obama is talking tough to BP. I just wished I believed him. Also, I want to share this with you. … Continue reading

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SB 1070

This is such bullshit. I’ve heard so many hateful/racist/ignorant comments in the past week than I ever have in my entire life. Granted that’s only 19 years, but it feels like I have a heard a lifetime of hate in … Continue reading

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