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Happy New Year!

I finally came back after forgetting my login and my password for a long time (Hi, Alex! I still owe you an e-mail. . . ) I actually haven’t e-mailed anyone about anything for a long time. I’m being crushed … Continue reading

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I Miss You Jerks

I spent 45 minutes remembering how to log in and post. I saw Jen D. (yeah, S. — whatever — some things are fixed in time)  post in the Shabby thread recently. That makes me super happy, in a totally slightly … Continue reading

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“Tell the Rabble My Name Is Cabell”

Steve McKenzie, at this time I would like to thank you for unwittingly introducing me to the work of James Branch Cabell via a post you made re: Jurgen on the forums so many years ago. Recently finished Figures … Continue reading

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Beating a dead horse. Jarrod needs money…

My buddy P-Boy is a professional writer guy, so he says it better than I can: “The only common thread many of the accused share along with Shanahan is that they are white, well-educated and politically active. For some strange reason, … Continue reading

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Personalized, original artwork from Nate McDonough for kicking down a few bucks for Jarrod!

Nate McDonough is a good guy and I love his artwork. He is also a friend of Jarrod Shanahan. The two recently worked together to produce a very dope illustrated novella: Nate has very generously offered an incentive to get … Continue reading

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R.I.P. Shabbytiger

I heard today through Little Benny Catastronaut that Jason, a/k/a Shabbytiger on the Punk Planet forums, has died. I don’t know any details, and I’m guessing Ben found out through Facebook, which I am not on, so those who have kept … Continue reading

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Wow! I figured out how to login again!

It wasn’t really all that hard– just required a bit of effort, and making “efforts” has never really been my strong suit. But yeah. Here I am. It’s kinda spooky here. A player piano plunks out an off-key, dusty melody … Continue reading

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