Cassetteboy vs Nick Griffin

Daisy is probably the one who will really appreciate this, so I hope she sees it when she gets out of hospital, but we have a nasty far right party called the BNP here (which always makes me laugh when I use a French cashpoint), and their leader was controversially invited onto one of our current affairs programs this week. Here are the edited highlights

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2 Responses to Cassetteboy vs Nick Griffin

  1. k- says:

    I think I would have liked to have seen the whole exchange, but this mix was undoubtedly more entertaining.

    Relatedly, did you know that Joe Strummer’s brother joined the National Front? He committed suicide a few years later, but that probably had nothing to do with being a fascist.

  2. Daisy Anne says:

    The whole exchange was a farce. It was loads of accoladal posturing by the main parties and nobody actually letting Griffin speak. Why on earth invite him on and then refuse to let him answer anything without booing him or talking over him. You can’t fight fascism by refusing to address it. It was disastrously embarrassing as an academic debate, and the audience was full of braying idiots.


    This video was hilarious!

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