Move In Day

I’m now officially a college student. Not exactly a starving student though, because my school forces freshmen students to live off meal plan food. Which isn’t that bad at all, except its so expensive. Seriously,like $1000? For food?! . Ehh, I guess I shouldn’t complain much about that, considering its the only thing I really have to pay for…. Anyway, my roommate isn’t arriving until tomorrow. And I forgot to bring the microwave I was supposed to bring. Hopefully she doesn’t want it here right away, she seemed pretty apathetic about it anyway. I hate microwaves, I do believe they are super harmful not only for the environment but for your body’s well being as well, so maybe I’ll get away with not having one in the same room as me. I took the bed closest to the window. Is that bad roomie etiquette? I was here first though!!! Anyway, I just found out my school is pretty much hippie and weed central, so K, I guess I’m amongst my own kind at last.

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10 Responses to Move In Day

  1. k- says:

    All colleges in the US are hippie and weed central. It is the last safe haven for juveniles to engage in such mindless escapades before the real world comes crashing down on them with school loan payments. So smoke up and enjoy it. In 8-10 years, you’ll eventually have to graduate and get a job serving food somewhere.

    • epanchinriot says:

      Well aren’t you just a ray of sunshine?

      I’ve never even smoked weed actually, I just tripped out once through secondhand smoke. It was weird, to say the least. You’re right about loans. Woohoo for paying off two loans somehow six months after I graduate.

      • epanchinriot says:

        “Don’t worry about the loans. Nobody ever actually pays off those things.”

        Sure, they don’t!


        Secondhand pot smoke just made staring at people’s shadows very interesting to me, and then I saw a cat pop out of them and “attack” me. I think I’d rather feel all greasy and hyper aware.

  2. chartreuseviolet says:

    not here. uno is a wonderful bastion of sensible young republicans, screaming at me about not supporting the troops. charming young fellows, i do so wish they would smoke a joint with me before i go to my twelve hour shift at mcdonalds.
    still, i wish i would’ve lived it up more instead of graduating with honors, just so i could slave away the next thirty years paying the loan sharks with my useless degree. congrats and have fun before adulthood drains what’s left!

  3. Great Southern Steve says:

    I have never smoked marijuana, or consumed an alcoholic beverage.

    I have eaten MacDonalds though. WoW! How do they get it to taste so GOOD??

  4. Great Southern Steve says:

    yeah I cut down a lot.

    It turned out the same only I am drunk less often.

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