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7 Responses to Dinosaurs

  1. k- says:

    I believe this inaccurate representation is an affront to my intelligence. Everyone knows that Pterodactyl’s talons are not capable of gripping a car in that manner. Given that angle and weight-distribution, the Pterodactyl’s talon would need to grip the top of the car by breaking the windows, and thus securing an effective grip, or the windows would need to be already down. The windows are clearly up. In this representation, the talons would scratch the glass, then slide off, leaving the Pterodactyl incapable of hoisting the vehicle aloft in the manner depicted. Seriously Costa, you just cheapen this site and lessen our respect for you when you post things like this.

    • Costa says:

      Obviously you can’t tell from that image that this is clearly a magic zombie Pterodactyl, which allows for it to bypass the laws of physics and “reality” for car lifts like that one pictured above.

      In real-life I’m more of an Allosaurus fan.

  2. steve says:

    In real life, I’m fat.

  3. Janet says:

    You are all missing the point. The above-pictured pterodactyl obviously has opposable thumbs, cunningly hidden from view on the roof of the car. And if so, we are all screwed, because this means that it can turn door-knobs, too.

  4. k- says:

    But it can’t fit through doors, so fuck ’em.

    Also, in real life I don’t exist.

  5. Daisy Anne says:

    Fucking Pterodactyls are the shit, man.
    Even the noises they make are bad ass.
    And in the African swamps, they still lurk…

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