seems to me…

that no matter where i go, there’s confusion.

About Steevo

40 male takoma park, md
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10 Responses to seems to me…

  1. Great Southern Steve says:

    the only weird thing about this new pilcrow theme is that is doesn’t tell you who wrote the post.

  2. janet5 says:

    Hey Steevo! How’s DC? (the epicenter of confusion, I suppose)

    • Steevo says:

      DC is ok, expensive but fine. I always used to think that DC deserved statehood, but it wasn’t until moving here that I recognized how BS it is that DC doesn’t hav eit. I live in suburbia at the far end of the red line and I’m really starting to hate the commute. It astounds me that every now and then, it takes me just as long to travel the 15-20 miles to work that it did travel from Providence, RI to Boston, MA via commuter rail + subway to my job at a hotel near Logan Airport (not to much it costs a hell of a lot more)- I also think it’s bs that WMATA doesn’t have monthly passes. there’s weekly passes, unfortunately, cost wise, it works out the same for me. It makes sense that you pay more the further you travel, but there’s “regular fare” “reduced fare” and “peak of the peak” fare….hence, the grind of commuting plus my job stress has definitely lessened my poetic output.

      In other news, I logged in to FB yesterday and discovered that someone pulled another one of her semi-occasional disappearing acts.

      • epanchinriot says:

        I can only assume that the, “I logged in to FB yesterday and discovered that someone pulled another one of her semi-occasional disappearing acts” is aimed towards me.

        Facebook does the same thing to me as the WMATA + your job do to your poetic output. Also, I find it annoying. Hiding people from the newsfeed isn’t enough sometimes. I get frustrated and confused that there all these people saying the same formula of things all the time, and that they can see a bunch of my shit and if I block them from seeing all my stuff they get offended and blaaaaaaaah. It’s like a web agoraphobia or something. So disappearing from there makes me feel a little better.

      • epanchinriot says:

        Oh, hey pot! How are you?


  3. Great Southern Steve says:

    oh, it was steevo.

    hi dude.

  4. Steevo says:

    DC’s lack of statehood is ridiculous.

  5. Steevo says:

    ya know, recent census figures were released and there’s been a flurry of banter on various area blogs (and in local papers) about the influx about white people moving back to DC.

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