Economics of Spam

This has been happening a lot this year. The site got 86 hits yesterday, but nearly half of them were from these weirdo sites called things like

that sound like fake Bahasa Malay or Indonesian names or something. You click the link and it diverts to a regular info portal site trying to sell you lousy insurance or bad health information or whatever.

I think that is the new ploy. Regular ‘you blog gots good contents’ spam is no longer working so they have engineered entire fake websites to make it look as though someone is giving you lots of referrals. Who could it be that is so interested in your blog? Oh, its spam again.

I clicked through on two links, so, they got me. But, do I want to buy anything, anyway? No. If I wanted to buy insurance, I’d probably search for insurance, not go on my blog dashboard.

I don’t get how this could be worth someone’s time and money, even if it’s all done by a robot.

Basically spamming sounds like a great job if you are some kind of twisted idealist that has quite good IT skills, like being bored, and wants to make very little money.

PS – the even weirder thing is that I added in a bunch of jibberish to that hyperlink above and it STILL WORKS.

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