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Congratulations, DFP

So now Mack is gone – totally deleted, comments, posts, everything. Way to go. I’m upset about this: not at any one person in particular (and I’m part of this group and its dynamics, too), but more at the fact … Continue reading

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My baby teeth

I wrote a poem that I actually really like. Since you kids seem to enjoy my stuff I guess I’ll post it here. Also, I’m sick of all the weird passive aggressiveness going on. Especially on “the DFP is…” thing. That is … Continue reading

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The Ten Stevic Sins

The actual nine Satanic sins are here – http://churchofsatan.com/Pages/Sins.html Mine are: Telling yourself you don’t want things you actually do want Getting involved in serious conversations when you do not have anything to say Asking after other people’s business when you … Continue reading

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got the mix from alex

Thanks. I was having a fine time listening to it this morning before my daughter spilled soggy muesli all over herself ten minutes before school. Will get back to ya.

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are you trying to goad me, mack?

It’s weird. I mostly don’t mind what you post.  This is a free-for-all, and gooing to be kinda dead unless someone comes along and posts lots of stuff. I just post the odd life / music / doctor who update … Continue reading

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