Congratulations, DFP

So now Mack is gone – totally deleted, comments, posts, everything. Way to go. I’m upset about this: not at any one person in particular (and I’m part of this group and its dynamics, too), but more at the fact that one person feels sufficiently unwelcome to want to leave entirely. You know, there aren’t actually that many people reading this site – how hard can it be for us to create a collectively welcoming place?

I was also saddened that Steve was annoyed by what Mack wrote. I don’t think you were being thin-skinned; I don’t think you should need to put up with being personally insulted when you read posts here.

Anyway. A bit sad about this.

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9 Responses to Congratulations, DFP

  1. Great Southern Steve says:

    I was getting kinda annoyed, mostly because I do not like being set up as a figure of disapproval when in reality I am just trying to mind my own business. In my experience, that kind of thing doesn’t stop on its own.

    To be honest, I do not think Mack has ever particularly liked me very much – which would be fine, except that he has told himself that I somehow bring stuff on myself by being an asshole. But really, I just post things about my life and my aspirations which annoy him, because I am in a very different situation to his.

    That’s how it appears to me.

    As to what else is going on – I think Mack isn’t at all happy at the moment and his reactions are probably a little more extreme than they would be normally. The thing with me is probably his main trigger to leave, and also, this place being a little dead and not worth coming back to.

    The posts are all still there in the trash folder anyway. This could be meaningless.

    • janet5 says:

      Yeah, I get it. I know. . . but. . . yeah, I get it.

      I need to e-mail you about one of the Stevic sins. . .

      The new site design looks great. We should at least attract a lot of people browsing “boobs and mental illness.”

  2. epanchinriot says:

    Yeah. I agree with pretty much everything you said, Janet. Sigh. Can’t muster up very much more than that.

  3. k- says:

    I told them both to fuck off, then Mack leaves. I blame myself. You are all welcome to blame me too.

  4. janet5 says:

    I like the banner.

    I don’t blame anyone. Well, I blame society.

  5. Great Southern Steve says:

    I like the banner too.

    We are old-fashioned girls.

  6. Steevo says:

    More than anything else though, it’s a matter of a mutual misunderstanding of culturally specific nuanced modes of communication.

    -that sentence makes my brain hurt.

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