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Somebody please kill Lou Reed.

Or at least shoot him up with some smack and doll him up like a tranny so he can make one last decent album. This latest thing is just too utterly horrible… More steaming a pile of shit than that … Continue reading

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Funny how I saw this on the internet today and last night I got my first real taste of New York City Asshole Cop. So I was out in the Lower East Side, hanging out, doing the illegal and all that … Continue reading

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Housemari’s house

Been in PNG for several months now – thought I’d share a story. Our housemari (this is Pidgin English for “maid”) is trying to work us for cash so she doesn’t end up homeless. She has five kids that all … Continue reading

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Hey kids, I made a zine. If you want one, let me know. If you don’t like cooking/baking you won’t like it. If ya wanna donate for postage clicky here and if you wanna donate out of kindness of your … Continue reading

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Steve Ignorant, Crass and the history of pre-punk

Yesterday I interviewed Steve Ignorant, formerly of Crass and Conflict. The interview lasted a little over an hour. The interview was carried on and Jason, the co-operator of RPR, put together a downloadable version (complete with a few Crass … Continue reading

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Because I care about you enough. . .

. . . to want you to be entertained on a Friday afternoon: Banking is one of those areas where I feel both stupid AND powerless. You can’t burn down their buildings and have any impact, refuse to do business … Continue reading

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