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Wow! I figured out how to login again!

It wasn’t really all that hard– just required a bit of effort, and making “efforts” has never really been my strong suit. But yeah. Here I am. It’s kinda spooky here. A player piano plunks out an off-key, dusty melody … Continue reading

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Janet, and/or anyone else… Heard from Daisy at all lately?

She was always pulling disappearing acts… but I’d really like to know that she’s ok and hopefully still writing. It’s been about two years since I last heard hide or hair. I do ask because I am a bit blitzed … Continue reading

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I would only wear this t-shirt ironically in an ironic kind of way.

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Gregg Ginn does something not so smart…

What’s up with sending copyright claims to youtube for bands that aren’t even on SST? Seriously dude, chill out. The Lower Class Brats are not amused.

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Somebody please kill Lou Reed.

Or at least shoot him up with some smack and doll him up like a tranny so he can make one last decent album. This latest thing is just too utterly horrible… More steaming a pile of shit than that … Continue reading

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