A short rant (because I must)

Fifty fucking bucks, people. That’s what it cost me for ONE pill – a Plan B emergency contraceptive. I kid you not. I’m trying to be ‘responsible’ and ‘prepared’, and this is what it costs me. Fuckin’ A. It is not covered by insurance or Medicaid. Fifty bucks!! Yes, probably cheaper at Planned Parenthood, but that would have required a forty-five minute walk in ninety degree heat. So yeah, it’s my own fault, then.

Really funny, though, was the conversation with the pharmacist, because they have to ask for a photo ID that has your age (you can only get it without a prescription if you are over seventeen). For the record, I’m about to turn forty-two.

Me: Do you sell Plan B?

Pharm: Sure, I need to see some photo ID.

Me: Umm, I don’t have a driver’s license. But you have my birthday in your computer from my insurance.

Pharm: Sorry, I need to see a photo ID.

Me: But you know when my birthday is! You just looked it up for my other prescription, and then you asked me to confirm it. Then you asked me for again it when I came to pick it up!

Pharm: Oh, umm. yeah. I guess that’s ok then. As long as you’re over seventeen.

Did I mention I’m nearly forty-two? I mean, I know I look totally young and hot and all. But jesus, people, FIFTY BUCKS for a pill? How does anyone expect a teenager to be able to afford this? How do they expect an adult to be able to afford this? Oh wait  – I know! We’re all just babymaking machines! Fuck us! (literally). And we aren’t supposed to be having sex anyway.

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5 Responses to A short rant (because I must)

  1. k- says:

    On the upside, at least your having sex. Or the possibility of sex.
    But, yeah, this is a ridiculous rant. Well, the rant isn’t ridiculous. It shows the ridiculousness of our health insurance system, the pharmaceutical industry, and contraception, all in one go. So excellent work!

  2. janet5 says:

    I am totally hoping that Mack’s mango pineapple gazpacho will get me laid. Seriously, though, yes – the possibility of sex is about 95% (the last time I was this close, I think the war in Kosovo was happening).

    I did phone over to Planned Parenthood, and they charge thirty bucks for it.*

    My insurance does not cover this, but it does cover abortions. Duh.

    * Update: they have a sliding scale depending on your income. So that’s a good thing. I also learned that Mississippi – where I do not live – does not allow Medicaid to cover ANY kind of emergency contraception.

  3. staeve says:

    “I know I look totally young and hot and all”

    Post pics.

  4. Alex says:

    This is weird. The same thing happened to me a few weeks ago. Fuckin’ A. At least the pharmacist didn’t basically yell it to an entire line of people that NO WE DON’T HAVE PLAN B BUT WE DO HAVE NEXT CHOICE. Bitch.

  5. janet5 says:

    Eeesh. I’m sorry to hear that. I can only imagine that some people would be entirely put off buying it just because of having to deal with that kind of thing.

    If I were still my young punk-rock self, I would follow up a comment like that by asking as loudly as humanly possible something along the lines of: AND I HAVE BLOOD IN MY STOOL. CAN YOU RECOMMEND SOMETHING THAT CAN CLEAR UP THE BLOOD IN MY STOOL? Turning around to the person right behind me and saying “BLOOD IN YOUR STOOL REALLY SUCKS, Y’KNOW?” would probably also work.

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